Fixed Fees


The Plan?


No surprises with fees.

Unless for some reason it’s not possible, all fee arrangements are agreed in advance.


Our Policy

Usually,in advance of undertaking a job, it is our policy to discuss and agree in writing our fees, so that you know where you stand. No surprises or hidden fees. We review our fees every year to make sure they reflect the work we do. This means we will reduce fees if it is the right thing to do. We have done this many times, as clients get more organised.




Fee Considerations

In the odd situation where fees cannot be agreed ahead of commencement , they are then based on the degree of risk, responsibility and skill involved. These situations are based on a case by case basis.

Payment Options are Cash, Cheque.  All major credit cards and we also use  PayPal

Essentially there are  5 popular options that seem to work well:

  • Pay within 10 days of date of invoice and receive a pre-agreed discount of:

€25 on bills from €250 to €500

€50 on bills from €500 to €1,000

€100 on bills from €1,001 to €2,000

€150 on bills from €2,001 to €5,000

€200 on bills from €5,001 upwards


  • Pay in advance and the above discounts are doubled
  • Pay by standing order over 4 months at 0% interest
  • Pay over 11 months at 8% interest
  • If over 30 days late of date of invoice or payment plan we levy 10% interest APR
  • Don’t pay at all and we withdraw the work carried out


Please call or email Kevin Barry today on 1 800 476 984 to arrange a free consultation.

Payment Options


Service Fee Investment Per What?
Consultation €50 per hour
Payroll €5 per payslip
Vat Return Filing €20 per filing