Book of the Month

September 2014

Keith Gillespies  “How Not To Be a Football Millionaire”

This brutally honest account of a superb footballer who squandered €8m with poor judgement, investments and gambling addiction. Nominated for 2014 Book of the Year




March 2014

Robert Kiyosakis  “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

The very enlightening and refreshing book on how to get rich and stay rich. Read it again if you already have. If not, Read it Now.  Click here to review and order

rich dad poor dad

February 2014

Colm Rapple’s Family Finance 2014.

This should be on every Irish mantle piece.Very understandable from a super Irish economist who is easily understood. From explaining your social welfare entitlements to how to better budget in the home.

Every house should have this.

It’s €10.  Buy it at your local bookshop or order online by clicking here.


January 2014

Every business owner of ambitious employee must be contsantly self educating if they want to get and stay ahead of the competition.

Remember , you are after your competitor customers and your competitors are chasing your customers with tempting offers.

There are several excellent books out there that we recommend you read and re read in the future as  a refresher.   Below are a list of Ebooks we recommend to you.   Download and read them   Who Moved My Cheese    January 2014