How To Claim R & D Tax Refunds

In short, any company that wants to be successful is researching and developing constantly. The Irish government want you to succeed and offer huge incentives to help you get there.

The key to claiming this tax refund is educate yourself and be organised. It is all about supporting documentation to substantiate the claim. For most companies, product development are at the forefront of their minds, but keeping track of these activities and their related costs (in the manner needed) is not.





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Frequent Questions


Does My Company Qualify to Claim this Tax Refund?

In our experience, many do, but fail to succeed on their claim due to inadequate documentation. Also, over 90% of companies don’t seem to know about this source of finance.(RBK 2011)

Click here for a list of qualifying activities


How Do I Successfully Claim the R&D Tax Credit?

By educating yourself, shopping around and hiring somebody like us.


Typical Fee Arrangements?

We will see what’s involved, agree fees and payment terms with you and get the job done. Click here for more information. We can help you to:

  1. Identify a qualifying activity
  2. Get it approved in advance
  3. Formulate a file that will back up your tax rebate
  4. Handle any subsequent Revenue Audit of the claim


What to Do Now?

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