Have you been advised to Liquidate your company or are you just wondering about it ?

Is a company that owes you money about to go into Liquidation?

Liquidation is not a simple process, but it does end the relationship of a company with its Owners, Directors,Customers and Creditors. At Kevin Barry & Co. we can advise and assist you with this process.



For some information on liquidation and how it can benefit your business, watch our recent Internet webinar for free on  “Fight On or Liquidate?”


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What does Liquidation mean?

Liquidation is the process by which a company (or part of a company) is brought to an end, and the assets and property of the company redistributed to the owners and creditors.


If you think you might be facing this decision: Click Here for a checklist of what to do first


The main 2 types of Company Liquidation are:

Members Voluntary    which means there is enough money to go around Creditors Voluntary    which means there is not enough money to go around.   If you are wondering if this is suitable for you, click and complete our 2 minute Fact Find and take a look at our 1 minute video below. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours with your options.

 For a 4 minute List of What To Be Aware of in order to Consider Liquidation: Click the below Video


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Free Creditors` meeting attendance service


If your customer is going into liquidation, this service can improve the chances of getting paid.

Kevin Barry & Co operate a free creditors’ meeting attendance service, which is available to any individual or organisation that wishes to avail of it. This free service includes:

  • a full report on the creditors’ meeting,
  • assistance with making a valid reservation of title claim (if applicable),
  • liaising with the Liquidator and
  • attending meetings on your behalf.

The Company Law Enforcement Act 2001 established the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement and contained a number of provisions, which impacted on the business community. Section 47 of the Act brought about a major change. Creditors are now able to elect their choice of liquidator on the basis of a majority of votes measured by value of claim only.

This replaces the procedure where the creditors’ nominees must win a vote in number and value. This gives power and choice back to the creditor. The introduction of the Act highlighted the need for trade creditors to ensure that they are properly represented at creditors meetings. Kevin Barry & Co will represent any individual or organisation at these meetings free of charge.

Benefits of this service

The benefit of using this facility is ensuring an individual or company’s interests are represented at the meeting by someone experienced in insolvency matters who may, in certain circumstances, be able to improve your chances of receiving a dividend. Kevin Barry & Co will produce a brief written report, highlighting the prospective return, within 10 days of attending the meeting.


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