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What is the Personal Insolvency Act ?

The Personal Insolvency Act came into force in 2013. It represents a dramatic move in the right direction and offers hope to the thousands of people throughout Ireland caught up in this illiquid, negative equity quagmire. It is similar to what is currently available in the UK.

Very simply put, it allows for people to make new debt arrangements with their lenders, using professional support in a quick and cost effective manner.


Who is the Personal Insolvency Act for ?

This particularly suits people who multi-bank – they have loans with more than one financial institution and allows a Licensed Personal Insolvency Practitioner to call a meeting in an organised fashion with everyone in attendance.  It also facilitates agreement on a pay off strategy over five years based on what can be afforded.  This is not aimed at bankrupting people.  It is aimed at making people debt free within five years.


Who will it benefit ?

It will benefit the lender and the borrower.  The lender will now have a performing loan and, if circumstances improve, they will get a better pay off.  If circumstances do not improve they won’t.  At present we find that many lenders are trying to get money in for themselves to the detriment of co-lenders.  This allows for an organised agreement with full transparency to be agreed, registered and monitored.  This is the way forward.


How we can help ?

We are not licensed to act for you personally yet, but shortly will be. Kevin Barry & Co. are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners for companies and later this year will also be for individuals who like to focus on getting you back on track financially. Whether you own your own business or are an individual, we aim  to help access your debt and offer a practical solution. You can also be confident in our services because as licensed Insolvency Practitioners in Ireland, our aim will be to find the best possible outcome for you.


Steps to Financial Stability

It is important that you take the first step in the road to financial stability. It is great to have assets but more important to realise that they are only worth what someone is prepared to pay  today. Some tough decisions have to be made. We can help you through the process.

Here’s how…

  1. Fill in the online form giving us a brief synopsis of your current situation
  2. We will contact you directly by phone and establish some goals and objectives
  3. We will map out a personal insolvency plan for you and your family
  4. We will start and implement the process for you, keeping you fully informed at all times
  5. We will guarantee you full confidentiality
  6. We will make the protection of your family home our priority
  7. We will help you restructure you financial landscape so that it starts to work for you rather than against you
  8. With offices in Dublin and Galway we will direct you to the best possible outcome


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