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Talk to us at Kevin Barry & Co Accountants on all matters relating to your Tax.  We have experience in dealing with a wide variety of industries and will provide a detailed look at your bookkeeping to help you pay your correct taxes.

Are You Correctly Claiming All Your Tax Breaks?

Our Goal

As tax accountants and advisors, if your accounts are prepared completely you will be claim all the appropriate tax breaks within your business.  It is our experience that most people over pay their taxes through forgetting or omitting to claim fully their entitlements.


The Plan

Our plan is to educate you to know what to claim and how to claim it within your business.  “Tax planning” is the modern buzz word.  Our team are fully trained and experienced in preparing corporation and personal income tax returns.  When there is a technical issue,we have access to a range of professional consultants who are registered with the Irish taxation institute.



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“I have been a client of Kevin Barry’s for the past 8 years and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Kevin and his team respond promptly with clear, concise advice when needed. They always have their clients best interests at heart and this is reflected in the service..”  Ailbhe Ni Raighne – Ni Raighne Opticians