Are the Banks Driving You Batty?

In dealing with your bankers, are you: –


  • Snowed under with letters?confused over your mortgage
  • Receiving phone call after phone call from people looking for money?
  • At Your Wits End


An option you have on your Standard Financial Statement (SFS) is to nominate a third party to represent you in negotiations to get a mortgage forbearance arrangement that makes sense. (It’s hidden away on the last page)

We now do this for many clients:

The first month is free and then it costs only €20 per month, payable via paypal.


If this is something you are interested in,

  1. Download the Independent Representation Forms attached below
  2. Fill it out, sign it and send and email it to us
  3. Click the Subscribe Button below and complete your payment details
  4. Phone us to introduce yourself at 1 800 476 984.

We will come back to you with all the extra details we need (ID’s.  However, you are now one step closer to taking control of the situation.


Represent Me with my Bank

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