Checklist for Change

A  decision to change your accountant is not an every day event. Do the research and be clear on what expertise you are looking for:

Some simple research below could save you a lot of heartache down the road.


This is a straightforward “To Do” List

1. Guarantees Do they guarantee you anything? If yes, are these guarantees of value to you?

2. What does the Website say? If the website is poor, this will reflect their day to day business.

3. References Can they provide you with at least 3 references from existing clients?

4. Are they Qualified There are a lot of individuals pretending to be accountants.  Ask the question.

5. Knowledge of Your Business Have they a knowledge of your industry. Will they “get to know ” your operation.

6. Good Communicators Can you understand them. Jargon is the refuge of the bluffer.

7. Business Acumen Have they any sensible ideas on how to boost your business.

8. Fees How do they set their fees. What value do they provide.

9. Staffing Who will be looking after your file?

10. Office Appearance If their office appears messy and disorganised, you can  expect the work being carried on is similar.

11. Professional Indemnity Insurance Do they have it? If not, why?

12. Value Good accountants pay for themselves. Ask them how will they do this?

13. Open Minded Do they listen to your viewpoint? Do you like them?

14.  Revenue Audit?  Changing accountant will not get you a Revenue Audit. Most audits are caused by late or incorrect returns drawing Revenue’s attention to the business. Changing accountants can solve this.



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