Did Anyone Put a Gun to your Head?

This is what was said to a Dublin Accountant this week.

The fellow was complaining of the money he had lost on a property investment that he went into with his eyes wide open. He didn’t see the crash coming and was blaming the resort developer, Bobby Ginn.

Coincidentally, I was with an old friend this week who used to be the contractor for the same Bobby Ginn. Charlie is now in his 60’s and thought back over the past 10 years. With the benefit of hindsight, he was able to say that the Ginn people did not go out to lose people money but they were caught in the same decline that everyone else was.

Charle asked the accountant, “when you signed on the dotted line, did anyone put a gun to your head?” The sheepish man answered “No”. His wife chimed in “I told you so”.

The moral of the tale is that everyone makes mistakes, but playing the blame game will only last so long. Eventually, someone will say “did anyone put a gun to your head

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