FAQ Quickbooks Online


How Much Does Quickbooks Online Cost Each Year?

The first 3 months are free regardless of what level of usage you have.  Thereafter it’s between €25  per month plus vat. It’s all down to how big a business you are.

How Much Does it Cost Me to use you to move my Desktop Quickbooks to the Cloud

€500 plus vat but this also includes the training, and design issues that are essential. I also include a super extra program that will photo and move your bills into Receipt Bank.

Do I need to Do the Training?

Yes you do.  It takes the training to make you proficient on Quick books. We do a focused 60 Minute Training    Click Here for the details

We also provide unlimited support as long as you keep your subscriptions up to date.

How Can We Contact You?

  • Via Freefone (1 800 476 984) and
  • Skype  (kevinbarry666) and
  • email  (kevin@kevinbarry.ie)
  • Livechat Mon to Friday 9am to 5pm


How Do You Review My Accounts?

When you are in the Cloud, I can see your accounts by logging in, the same way you would book a flight with Ryanair. No backups needed or anything.

Do I Need WIFI?

You need a strong internet connection for the review we do to be efficient. Also, hopefully your computer is already very up to date. If you have a wide screen, all the better.

When Can I Contact You?

Anytime by any of the ways listed above.

Why Should I Choose You?

I want you to make money. A lot of problems disappear if you have more money coming in than what is going out! If you are interested in your business, then you will find that I will be likewise!


What use are my Accounts anyway? 

Accounts are your scorecard for how the business is doing. If your business is worth money, it will provide well for you and will be saleable when you decide to leave or pass it to your family if that is the intention. Ideally, we want you to have a system that tells you how you are doing financially, before we tell you!

What happens if I use you for a month and then cancel you?

Nothing unless you owe me money. In that situation I assume you pay your bills and move on.

I want to move my own accounts to the Cloud

Don’t let me hold you up! If you can do it, do it. It’s not that hard really, but it is tricky.

Do you have any Guarantees?

Yes, if we move your accounts to the Cloud and you hate it, you can tell me. I’ll cancel it and give you your money back that we charged you.

Do I still need an Accountant?

Yes. The program just facilitates you in record keeping. For doing the annual accounts and tax returns you will still need an accountant. If it’s us, we will price that aspect separately.

Must I change from my Existing Accountant?


Will I need an Accountant at all, if I go with this?

You always will need an accountant to review everything and present the accounts, plus provide relevant advice to your business. This program, will make it especially easier to issue, sales invoices, get paid and claim all the business expenses and vat you should be claiming.