How Much Does it Cost?

Every job is priced individually. However, we review your accounts, price the job and email you a quote and engagement letter to look over. No charge until the fees are agreed.

How Can We Contact You?

  • Via Freefone (1 800 476 984) and
  • Skype  (kevinbarry666) and
  • email  (kevin@kevinbarry.ie)
  • Livechat Mon to Friday 9am to 5pm

How Do You Review My Accounts?

At some stage we visit your business, but initially we prefer to securely log into your computer using www.teamviewer.com.  You can see what we do and can knock me off your computer any time.  I can’t get access without your say so, and only if you verbally give me the password which changes every day.

Do I Need WIFI?

You need a strong internet connection for the review we do to be efficient. Also, hopefully your computer is already very up to date.

When Can I Contact You?

Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Why Should I Choose You?

I want you to make money. A lot of problems disappear if you have more money coming in than what is going out! If you are interested in your business, then you will find that I will be likewise! Forget what I say, check out what my customers say on this site. Alternatively, I can provide at least 3 references if you want to ring around.

What use are my Accounts anyway? They always seem out of date!

Accounts are your scorecard for how the business is doing. If your business is worth money, it will provide well for you and will be saleable when you decide to leave or pass it to your family if that is the intention. Ideally, we want you to have a system that tells you how you are doing financially, before we tell you!

What happens if I use you for a month and then cancel you?

Nothing unless you owe me money. In that situation I assume you pay your bills and move on.

I want to move my own accounts to the Cloud

If you can do it, do it.

Do you have any Guarantees?

Yes, if we move your accounts to the Cloud and you hate it, you can tell me. I’ll cancel it and give you your money back that we charged you.


I Am a Limited Company. Do you do Company Secretary Services?

Yes, using our Barry Accountants Secretarial Limited company. All details about that are here.