My Kids Come First – Webinar Recording

Are your bills coming in quicker than your wages?

Have you young children to care for and you fear for their future? 

Every time you get slightly ahead, does something else come up to take away the advantage? 

Today, we find most people are confused with how to pay off their debts.  In our first webinar two weeks ago, we explained how to deal with your home mortgage in a way that saves your home. 

Stage two moves on to organizing your money coming in versus your money coming out, so that: –

    • You know what to pay.
    • You know what order to pay them in.

Watch and listen to the Kevin Barry & Derek o Dwyer Video below.

This webinar was oversubscribed and the next one is coming in mid March


Webinar Recording of March 6th 2013:



My Kids Come First


This will allow you to apply for a payment arrangement with your lenders which sorts out your debts once and for all. This may even be later formalised as a Personal Insolvency Arrangement.

On March 6th,  we held a Internet Webinar which  gave you the ABC approach to:


  1. Work out the debts which are essential and the debts that are non-essential.
  2. Explain to you where cut backs can be made painlessly.
  3. Help you to make the decisions on what debts are worth paying and which are not.
  4. Explain how you will negotiate your way to being debt free in 5 years.

 personal insolvency Bill for family



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