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Most clients I meet detest book keeping.  If it’s not the endless paper and email bills that they have to keep track of, it’s being asked to find missing documents to claim vat back on. If you are one of these, then you should let me review your business to see if you are suitable for it.  You don’t have to change accountant for this.  That’s a whole different thing and not necessary at this stage.


If you are a self employed business owner, and want to:


  1. cut book keeping costs dramatically,

  2. free up huge time dramatically and

  3. increase sales even more dramatically,


Then all  I need to know is, how much did you pay out on Accountant, Bookkeeping and Admin Staff last year?




watch the below video and click our 2 minute application below. You can still keep your own accountant.



Ignore the comment about “US Based Support” we handle this for you.




Quickbooks Online (You need us for this)

Run your entire business with the No. 1 small business cloud accounting solution! Enjoy the freedom to work anywhere from your smartphone or tablet plus unlimited access to QuickBooks on the web.



“Moving to Quickbooks online has helped unshackle me from my office desk and i can access and edit my accounts from anywhere. This has allowed greater flexibility and freedom and has also made collaboration with others such as our accountants and bookkeepers almost effortless.” – Damien Brehony, Mongey Opticians




Key Features are:

  1. The first 14 days are free, and we will get you set up so you can test it
  2. We will set you up online, whether you are an existing Quickbooks user or not
  3. Huge security over your data is assured
  4. You will be able to email customers your bill, direct from your phone or enter in your till readings onto your phone
  5. You will be able to scan all paper receipts into your accounts using your phone too
  6. Your smartphone and tablet will do the work, and we will program them for you
  7. Your costs will dramatically fall and you will get miles more value
  8. You won’t have bits of paper receipts all over your car, wallet, handbag, kitchen or office as all are safely stored online
  9. Our fee investment includes 60% discounted prices for the programs you are using








What Business Type Are You








Receipt Bank (This will blow your mind)

Remove the hassle of receipts and invoices with this great, cost effective technology. Simply take a picture of your receipt for it to be processed by Receipt Bank and sent straight through to Quickbooks Online ready for reconciliation, relieving you of a wallet full of receipts to go through at the end of each month!








What Business Type Are You

















The More We Know About Your Existing Business, The More Money We Can Save You


Online Accounting Packages that cover all you need

 1 Man Band or CompanySmall Businesses,
3 employees or less
Larger Businesses,
4 + employees
Ex Vat Prices from (per month)€108 to €133€153 to €183€233 to €283
Year End Accounts
Income/Corporation Tax Return
Companies Registration Office Returns
Phone & Email Support
Discounted Subscription to Quickbooks Online & Receipt Bank Programs
VAT Returns
Monthly Payroll up to 3 Employees
Quarterly Business Review
Budgeting & Forecasting
Virtual CFO Service





What Business Type Are You



“Fed up with all the nitty gritty book keeping?”

The below is a list of some of the side effects of bad or careless book keeping

    • Bank Referral fees for being over overdraft limits,
    • Interest charges on your overdraft as you remain over your limit
    • Sherrif Fees being added to your debts, and him standing at the door
    • Revenue Fines for being late getting forms in
    • Book keeping costs going up and up no matter what you do
    • Accountants looking for bank statements and copy bills all the time, and you can’t find them
    • Customer Cheques bouncing and getting charged fees for this by the bank
    • The VAT man stalking you
    • Late filing Charges with the Companies Office
    • Paying more vat than you should
    • Paying more income tax than you should