How Quickbooks Online will make my life easier:

  • You will be able to issue sales invoices from your desktop, iPad or phone and email them instantly to the customer
  • All purchase bills that people send or email you get photographed and put into your accounts instantly ensuring all vat is claimed and you are not overpaying your income tax or corporation taxes. (Happens all the time)
  • You will have automatic track of how business is doing on your phone, iPad and desktop without having to wait to be told
  • The time you spend book keeping will go down, and if you pay fort his, the cost will fall too
  • No more giving the backup to the accountant and waiting for them to give it back to you,to get going.
  • Getting paid will be less of a problem as you will eventually be able to set up a dd facility with your customers to take payments direct from their accounts with a minimum 3 days notice