Representing you with your bank

We do a lot of this for existing and new clients. Sometimes it is just a matter of being a post box so as to shield the client from persistent phone calls and letters reminding them of debts so that they can concentrate on re-building their business or careers and get back on track.

Other times it is to do with: –contact us today

  •  Sale of assets and paying down debt
  • Submission of detailed financial statements for businesses or personally
  • Agreeing various mortgage deals in either the short or long-term.
  • Debt Parking or organised confidential write offs in certain situations
  • Getting your business or career back generating income

Every situation is different and the terms are agreed on a case to case basis.



Typical set up arrangements are as follows: –


Set up fees at €500 inclusive of vat


€75 per month thereafter


The contract can be cancelled at any time.



What to expect?

  • All correspondence is cc’d to you,
  • Your MARP rights to be protected
  • Much Less distraction so you can make a balanced decision


Save my Home

Before you contact me


  • weigh up the investment in hiring us


  • what you might achieve by the benefits in not being chased by your lenders.


If this service is for you,

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