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“Wake Up Each Morning With Enthusiasm For The Day Ahead”

Irish Seafarers

Join Today and be a member here and get the following deals and benefits that will help you get on top of your Finances and Tax Affairs.

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  • Free Tax Advice Opinions on your circumstances
  • Tax Structure advice when working offshore
  • What to be aware of when choosing assignments offshore
  • Mortgage Application assistance for offshore workers
  • 4 Ebooks per year on how to move from Debt to Wealth in 7 years,
  • 100 ways to Save Tax that every offshore worker needs to know
  • How to properly insure yourself against serious illness interrupting your career
  • Monthly online webinars on topical issues relating to Irish Seafarers
  • Monthly updates on everyday savings to take advantage of that people have forgotten
  • How to save wisely for your child’s education
  • The tax issues of being married and working offshore
  • Limited Company issues for offshore workers, when they work and when they dont
  • Offshore companies and offshore bank accounts, when to use them
  • plus much more….


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KevinI used to work offshore myself and am familiar with the issues of working in different jurisdictions. We have a substantial number of offshore clients and they all have different issues to attend to.

For clients and non clients, this Membership Club provides constant and regular educational updates that are aimed at people working offshore and needing to keep in financial touch with Ireland.

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€20 per month




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The value per year of this offer is up to the use you make of it.


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“Kevin and Annette have been very helpful in unravelling some of the problems I had with my Tax. They have shown their experience each step of the way and their contacts within Revenue have been invaluable.”

Andrew Woodman

I’m a new customer but so far my experience has been one of enthusiasm and a more positive and get it done attitude than other accounting practices.

Lucy Jackson
Jackson West Limited

“Very fast and reliable , always on hand to deal with a question no matter the situation. I’m very happy to work with you guys my job takes me all over the world and still these guys get their job done so well!

John Sweeney



Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the 30-day free trial work?

You sign up with your credit card on our 30 day free trial.

How much will this cost?

The investment is €20 per month including VAT, and you can unsubscribe at any time

Can I buy with Paypal?

Yes, all payments are set up through Paypal?[/text_block]


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What happens if I regret joining up with your program?

You can unsubscribe without penalty at any time. We will obviously remove you from our membership site from that date on unless you choose to come back on board.

What if I want to hire you on a One to One basis instead of follow the program.

In cases like that, just email us and we will assess what you need from us and agree separate terms.