The Wake Up Call

On a recent visit to Florida, and I was seated on the Aer Lingus plane beside a group of people who were visiting New York and Philadelphia to promote their on the QVC shopping channel.

Except for I was in the company of these people I wouldn’t have been aware of this shopping channel medium. I took the liberty of tuning in at the appointed time and was highly impressed at the skills of the presenter, Jennifer Coffey and that of the Irish entrepreneurs selling their wares. Nevin Maguire represented Belleek and was by far the most experienced. Yet all the other people were very competent with a lot less experience.

It was so skilfully done and it was a wake-up call as to the huge  market that is the USA. Virtually everybody there speaks English and the ease with which one Channel covers the entire country meant that the potential for enormous  sales is right there. Many of the businesses sold everything they had. The prices were affordable and payment terms were excellent (three easy payments).

The rest of us would be well advised to check this out for future.


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