Your Website Must Sell You

A website has only 1 purpose. It allows you 24 hours a day to collect contact details from people that you can then market to. (A Facebook page won’t do that) Whether you are busy now, or are quiet, the internet is what people will look to first before they call you.


“A Website Keeps You Open 24/7”


It avoids printing cards and brochures, and allows you say what you want or show off what you do or sell, 24/7. We want all our clients to have a web presence. We will also maintain it for them.






Here are 3 samples of what we have built in the last month.


Website Sample 1


Website Sample 2


Website Sample 3



  1. We set up an address for you
  2. We design a business brochure website for you
  3. This gets you going
  4. We show you to,update it and we will freshen it up every 3 months
  5. We link it to your phone so you know how it’s doing
  6. We set up a hook to gather people’s contact details for later contact
  7. Here are 3 demonstration websites we have done.  Let us know your favorite and we will base yours on that design.


To Have us Email You a Sample website for yourself:

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